OUR VISION The respectful coexistence of all living creatures on this earth

We actively fight against the suffering of those who do not have a voice - the animals.

Animal welfare, social justice and environmental protection are fundamental values to which we are committed. Together with our fellow human beings, we follow our objectives with common sense and non-violent means to provide the best for animals and the environment. As a veterinary animal protection organization, direct help, the physical and mental health of humans and animals, and scientific work in the interests of animal protection are particularly important to us.


The Foundation Vets in Action wants to promote the ethical responsibility of humans towards animals through research, education and public relations and represent social concerns together with animal and nature protection concerns. In particular, veterinary activities and the promotion of science and research in the service of animal welfare correspond to the purpose of the foundation. Direct aid projects, public relations and campaigns aim to reduce animal suffering as sustainably as possible and to achieve long-term improvements for livestock, wild animals and pets that are embedded in law and society.