DONATE Every donation helps animals

The projects of Vets in Action are financed exclusively by private donors

What your donation can do


The food supply for one donkey comes to around CHF 350 per year.


60 CHF can help to medically treat,
vaccinate and neuter a stray.


The monthly cost of food and medications for one dog in our rescue center comes to around CHF 100 per month.


50 CHF enable a farrier to visit the animal and check,clean up,and trim its hooves.

Thank you for your donation to the account:

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Can I deduct my donation from my taxes?

Yes, the Foundation Vets in Action is a recognized Swiss non-profit organization. You will receive a donation confirmation by mail around mid-February summarizing all your donations.

The maximum donation amount you can deduct in your tax return depends on cantonal regulations.

Material deliveries and donations

For toys, linen, terry towels and accessories of all kinds for dogs, cats, donkeys and horses, we are very grateful. Feed donations unfortunately do not help us, because we can hardly bring them through customs and can get the feed cheaper locally.

In order to pick up and transport things (within Switzerland and in the project countries), we are always looking for volunteer drivers.

Thank you for thinking of the animals!

We thank you very much on behalf of the animals!